Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shorten those stirrups!

So, my own jumping saddle (a Crosby Prix de Nations) has proven to be too narrow on my aging gelding.  It just doesn't fit him the way it did in his youth.
So, I've been borrowing a wider jumping saddle.  It fits great!  It sits beautifully!

The stirrups are as short as they'll go.  And they're wrapped once!!

Now, I've only shortened my stirrups one or two holes from dressage length to ride hunt seat or over fences.  Of course, we've only been jumping in earnest 2'6" or so.
And, unfortunately, the old man only jumps as big as he has to in order to clear the fence.

So, still not having learned to shorten those stirrups as I set my sights higher....
One evening, as dusk approaches, we were popping over a rail at 2'3" or so.  You know, itty-bitty.  Perhaps the light wasn't right for him.  I'll never know.  But, every time we launched over that rail, it was as if he were jumping 3'3" !!
I mean, he threw me out of the tack, every single time!

So, I guess I had better get some shorter leathers for 2013...

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