Friday, August 7, 2015

Are You CRAZY??

The Fancy Pony is crazy.
And it's pretty darn funny...

So, C takes care of the ponies, and she is incredibly amazing!
She has this system down when she feeds the herd dinner.
She puts her pony's feed up in the round pen.
She then lets only him into that field, refastens the electric tape, and closes him in once he has meandered his way into the round pen.

Well, Whisper would usually be next in line to start eating.
So, she's videotaping the ho-hum dinner routine.  Fastens the electric tape.
Starts following her pony up to the round pen...

THEN, there is this bump and all you see id a flash of white legs!
It turns out that Whisper didn't want to wait for her turn.
So, she just JUMPED the electric tape to follow C up to the feed room!!
3'6" ?  No problem!

This mare is crazy!
That's my kind of crazy, too!

I see new and exciting jumps in our future...
Foxhunting, anyone?



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