Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Take A Ride On The FANCY PONY!

Please enjoy riding along with us on a cross-country schooling adventure!



  1. So fun! I want to school there!

    1. It's just our local horse park! If you're ever in the midwest, you should join us!
      I'll even let you borrow the pony!! ;)

  2. omg i love your horse too!!! haha those little ears look so familiar! only difference is how easily and happily she trotted into that water... can she share her secrets with Isabel please?? lol looks like a fun time

    1. I'm sure she would be happy to share her secrets!
      We treat water like it's no big deal. If she is reluctant to go in somehwere, I give her all the time she needs to get comfortable. I confidently encourage her until she goes. We're really having fun getting comfortable jumping off of banks into the water! We just might be cantering those by the end of this year!!
      I get such a kick out of the way her ears flick back and forth until they suddenly lock onto a jump... then, it's on!



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