Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Raising the Bar a Little Further

The Fancy Pony has shown us that she really does like to jump.  When I let others ride her, she will try to take them over the jumps (against their will!) on her own accord.

Actually, it is rather amusing to see the panic on a beginners face when their mount wants to quietly trot over a 12" elevated pole...

So, we asked her to show us what she's got!

Just in case that didn't work, see it here:
Fancy Pony free jumps 3'6"

She also made is laugh as she demonstrated her understanding that "forward is always the right answer:

And, in case that doesn't work:


  1. lol yep - definitely laughed at the second video. what a lovely, game mare! :)

    1. She is serious about her lessons, that's for sure. It was *HER* idea to go through backwards, and we all just stood back and watched the madness! LOL
      She is most definitely game! =D



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