Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Taste of Our Driving Adventures - video!

Our workouts have begun to look like this:

What would I do without willing minions?
I feel like I should post an add:

Seeking MINIONS!
Flexible hours!
Excellent benefits!
No experience required!
Will train!

Translation: Come get exercise for free while walking for hours dragging my horse cart!
How many takers do you think I would get?

Of course, wherever we may go on our adventures, we must always return home...
And in the hell that is WINTER after the end of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, we face dusk way too early...

In case you can't watch that, try viewing it here:

It isn't very exciting, but I think it's bridging the gap between ground driving and hitching up quite well!


  1. Replies
    1. Minions *are* the best! And they are always in such short supply...

  2. This is fantastic. What a good sport they both are :)

    1. It is truly amazing how much this confidence building carries over into our under-saddle work, too!



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