Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whatever You Call It

You may call it Boring.  You may call it Fundamental.  This week, I am calling it Physical Therapy!

Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.  -Jane Wagner

My first ride back after my most recent injection involved stretchy, bendy flat work.  The most exciting thing we did was canter serpentines with changes through the trot.
My second ride after my most recent injection involved grid work.
Thanks Coach!
We trotted through poles on the ground.  A LOT!
Then, we got a cross-rail!  I was wondering if I would be up for it...
When it became a 1-stride to another cross-rail, I was feeling pretty good about things!!
All of a sudden, it became bounces!

I admit.  Part of me might have paniced just a little.
Not because I'm scared of bounces!  I actually like bounces quite a bit.  But because it really requires my core to be stable because there is no time for recovery.  I had no idea where my core was standing.
I survived, and my core seemed to be keeping up just fine, but Fancy Pony was jumping funny.  I couldn't put my finger on it...
Next thing I know, as we were approaching the grid, Coach was changing those last 2 cross-rails to verticals!

Ok, Ok.  They were only 2'.  I don't really understand why my heart jumped in my throat for a moment.  Fancy Pony wasn't rushing the jumps.  She was respectfully carrying me to them with quiet purpose.  It was really so easy, I could focus everything on myself!

On the far side, I realized that line felt better than ever!
Well, Coach said, she was actually respecting the fences that time!

We ran through a few more times while I had Coach really scrutinize my lateral balance.
My third ride after my most recent injection was bareback.
Oh, glorious discoveries!
Trotting was magnificent!  Fancy Pony felt like her back was a table!!  She had so much muscle for me to sit on!
Hallmark Bareback Butt
Canter work left a bit to be desired.
First of all, she was confused about the depart.  She wasn't sure I actually meant "canter".  Once we worked that out, her departs were smooth and quiet.  Her downward transitions (even when she dropped out) were balanced and drama-free.  The canter itself was flowing, if somewhat heavy to the front.  She was obviously having a more difficult time without the saddle to distribute my weight, but she could carry me without hysterics, drama, or wiggly-ness.

At one point, I caught our reflection in the mirror.  For once, we actually looked the same way I felt: carefree and gleeful!
We really are still making forward progress!!


  1. Oh hallmark bareback butt! I'm glad you are feeling better!

    1. The bareback work really seems to be helping me rebuild my core before getting too excited about new work. I figure I can resume my jump work sans saddle for bonus strength! LOL



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