Monday, April 8, 2013


It seems like something has clicked with the Psycho Mare this week.
We trotted a very low fence a couple of times. Once she realized it was even there, she hopped over it just as willing as can be. She never even thought about getting wiggly…

So, we cantered a narrow box painted to look like a stone wall. She stayed right on the track where I pointed her!

She felt in control.
She felt responsive.
She felt straight!
We were having fun!

I was feeling so good about it, I wanted to point her at the other vertical (which was set about 6” higher). I figured that was a good indication that I needed to stop while I was ahead.

So, we rode a few more transitions and started walking out. I enjoy walking out and letting the horse decide where to go, sometimes. She walked a wide arc after the long side and, with no guidance from me, headed straight for the center of the low vertical. It was as if she were asking, “So, are we going over it again?”

It’s like she figured out that if she just accepts my guidance, we can go do some really fun stuff!

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