Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sport Horse Extravaganza - 2015 Day 1 - Friday

The weekend was pretty darn successful for Whisper and I!

We hit up St Louis again for another Arabian Sport Horse Show.
Friday was Day one, and we were looking at:
 - Arabian Working Hunter 14.2 and Under (2'3" - 2'6") Course A and B
 - Arabian Hunter Hack ATR
 - Arabian Green Working Hunter (2'6" - 2'9") Course A
 - Training Level Test 2 Dressage
I put on my game face...

Because the hunter ring was running at the same time as the dressage rings, I was pretty paranoid about missing a class.
I had focused on landing on the lead I intended in my last lesson as preparation for this weekend's hunter courses.

Remember, we have only shown Hunter once before...  At the schooling show in December...

This show was run very considerately!  In order to accomodate all the horses cross-entered in Dressage and Hunter, they opened all the class cards for whatever height was set.  For example, we ran our course for our Green Working Hunter class, then I went to ride my dressage test.  After my dressage test, I came back with my stripped horse for the jog for the Green Working Hunter class.

I can't remeber all of the details of my rounds for this jam-packed weekend, but we took 2nd and 1st respectively for Course A and Course B in the Working Hunter 14.2 and Under, which qualified us for the Regional Championships!

Hunter Hack proved to be a bit fussy. The Princess was stiff and I struggled to keep her stretched into the bridle.  She tossed her head in the air for both canter transitions.  We came out with 4th place.  I think she gets bored with the rail portion of our classes...

Green working Hunter felt fantastic!  We only rode Course A for the experience, but she jumped confidently over fences set 2'6"-2'9".  She landed her leads!

We took 6th place in out Training Level Test 2 with a score of 60.1%
That's passing, right?
We were in the middle of the pack.  I felt good about that.

Back in for our jog, and we took 1st place in the Green Working Hunter Course A!!!
I was ready to ride in 3 Regional Championship Classes on Sunday!!

Saturday, we would be switching gears for dressage and Sport Horse classes...


  1. congratulations - esp on qualifying!! those are some excellent scores and ribbons! :)

    1. Thank you! I had set a goal to qualify in the 14.2 and under, but I was still over the moon to actually achieve it!

  2. I love your show shirt. And YAY congratulations!! Very exciting that the Fancy Pony is so versatile!

    1. Thanks! I need about 5 more of those shirts, I think...
      This Fancy Pony is so willing to give everything she has for me! She just blows me away!!

  3. You guys are fantastic!! Congrats on your great show so far!

    1. Thank you! It was such an incredible show!



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