Thursday, February 19, 2015

Representing the Arabian Breed!

Over the weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to represent the sport horse disciplines *and* the Arabian breed at Equifest of Kansas!

Fancy Pony walked around like she owned the place.

In the breed showcase, we demonstrated with Western Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Hunter/Jumper (spectators dopn't know the difference), Native Costume, and Mounted Archery - all on Arabian horses!

The ring was set up with 3 jumps for me (one was a skinny - wahoo!), and 4 targets for the mounted archery.  The 2 horses in front of me looked at the targets like they were monsters!!
I resolved not to acknowledge them.

In we went, and as we headed down the line, Fancy Pony started giving the targets the hairy eyeball!  So, I asked her to trot on down the rail...  She focused a little.  I asked for a canter.  She focused a little more...  I pointed her at a jump, and the targets ceased to exist for her.  She had settled down to business!

Of course, we were doing the same demonstration all 3 days, but I tried to keep Twinkle Toes from getting bored.  We rode S-curves where we could, and we both loved showing off over the skinny jump!

Watch this!
The gorgeous weather deserted us for our last day, so I cheated and didn't wear show clothes.  I stayed in my insulated boots.  I kept my long-sleeve thermals and my vest.  I ditched my down coat just before heading to the ring.
Can you see the butterfly on my breeches?

According to my husband, the jumping portion of our demonstration was a crown favorite!
And when we made our final laps, I couldn't resist a princess wave to the crowd as we trotted down the rail....

Unconcerned about the short spot, she is!
I just LOVE sharing this horse!!


  1. How neat that you got to represent the Arabian breed!

  2. yay Fancy Pony!!! looks like she had a blast!

  3. Thank you all! I think Fancy Pants had a blast showing off for the crowd. I know I did! I was hoping hubby would give me a shot over the "skinny", but he doesn't seem to think they are good enough. We just love getting out and playing!!

  4. I love hearing about your experiences at Equifest! Fancy pony is certainly a great ambassador for the Arabian breed :D

    1. Aw, thanks!! I take that as a high compliment! :)



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