Friday, January 23, 2015

Rough Edges

Step 1: Retrieve horse from Pasture:
Appreciate the rough edges...
Consider all the hair...
Step 2: Remove as much crud as possible!
This is just the start...
Step 3: Make sure that mane is out of your way! 
Experimenting with the running braid...
The forelock is not excluded today...
She asks: Did we really have to?
 Step 4: Clip and clean up bridle path and legs.
Go the extra mile by having your friend pose your horse for pictures!
Thank you, Genny!
Bridle path, ears, and legs cleaned up!
 Step 5: Dive in with the clippers until you like the look!
Frist trace clip, EVER!
 Step 6: Show off your hard work while waiting for the inevitable clipper lines to grow out!!
Fancy, yet?
Definitely fancy!!


  1. She looks great! Love the clip!

  2. nice - looks great! out of curiosity, are those extra bands in the running braid supposed to help keep it in place? my mare always shakes her braid out :(

    1. The extra bands are doing exactly that! Before I pulled her mane, I tried several options with the running braid, but it *ALWAYS* looked bad/loose/pulled out before I even got done warming up!
      I tried it with the rubber bands, and her braid stayed quite nice looking for most of our ride! I think if I can pull it off with yarn, I'll have it down!
      This winter, I grew her mane out because I want to try some "main ring" Arabian classes where she must be shown with "natural mane and tail." We'll see how it works!!

    2. interesting, thanks! my mare has the 'natural' arab mane too, and while i don't plan on showing her in arab classes, i can't pull it either bc she's leased...

      other questions - do you put in the rubber bands as you go along? any best practices on how far apart you space them? (or, ya know, if you don't feel like answering all my little questions piecemeal, maybe you'll write a how-to post for those of us who fail at braiding???)

    3. The how-to post is a great idea! In the meantime, I'm happy to share my own experiences and what works for me.
      I put the rubberbands in as I went. The hardest part was keeping it tight against the neck while I put the band in. The second-hardest part was picking up my same 3 braiding chunks after I had put the rubberband in!

      I feel like yarn holds better than bands, but I haven't mastered the yarn in the running braid, yet.
      I didn't have any real estimation in mind for how far apart to band. I just sectioned some mane, clipped the rest back, and braided until I got there!
      I'll see if I can get someone to photograph and video next time I'm braiding to see if it provides any help or inspiration! :D

    4. awesome, thanks! i will definitely give that method a shot next time!

  3. Awesome job, especially for your first trace.

  4. I attacked a few horses with clippers yesterday! Although, I only did the essentials: bridle paths and muzzles!

    1. Sometimes, you just have to take off the winter beard, too! LOL



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