Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Mango Bay belt

I knew I needed a belt for every day. I found myself looking for something to clip my treat pouch to. I would reach for it to catch a loose horse and find nothing... I wanted something quality, but I wanted something casual enough for everyday that would take abuse.
This is what I chose!
All three phases!
 Find your own favorite belt here:     Mango Bay Design
These belts are practical, affordable, and FUN!
You may have noticed I am all about the fun...
This belt has lived up to all of my expectations!  Within a week, I had managed to get it VERY dirty while working at the barn...  It wasn't particularly pretty...  So, I ran it through the wash on gentle cycle and hung it up to dry.  It looked good as new!
Just so you know, I never did look for washing instructions, so I don't actually know what is reccomended...
I get compliments on it regularly!  My horse doesn't seem to care what I'm wearing..., but I'm sure she appreciated the fact that it holds my treat pouch conveniently close!
Do you own this belt already?  What do you think about it?
I reccomend this accessory!


  1. I have one of their belts and like it!

  2. I like mine :) I need more colors though!

  3. Love mine. I'm covering a 1.5 inch one! She just posted an adorable pattern I'm killing to have. Glad you love them too!

  4. I have one and I love it!! So cute and useful :)



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